Uber & Lyft: Running Over Local Democracy

How to Buy, Bully, and Bamboozle Your Way to Deregulation

Ride-hailing corporations like Uber and Lyft have used the dirty tactics of the gun and tobacco industries to buy political influence and preempt or override local policies intended to protect consumers and drivers. 

In 2016, Uber and Lyft deployed 370 active lobbyists around the country—more than Amazon, Microsoft, and Walmart combined. No wonder they've been able to rewrite the laws in 41 states to benefit themselves. The result? Less protections for drivers, consumers, and all of us.


Uber State Interference: How Transportation Network Companies Buy, Bully, and Bamboozle Their Way to Deregulation

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Uber and Lyft have been able to rewrite the laws in 41 states to benefit themselves—and undermine protections for workers and consumers in the process. 

New technologies can improve our lives. But all companies have a responsibility to the communities they serve and to the workers who make their success possible.  

If corporations like Uber and Lyft want to do business in our communities, they need to respect the rules and values of our communities. 

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